Circus Of Wolves pitches a big open tent: inclusive enough to allow a group of distinct and diverse players to each express their own unique voice. The music brings together elements of folk, jazz, funk, latin, soul and a tinge of rock. The wolves are the players and the influences they bring to the circus.

From the very beginning, the concept was to celebrate diverse music influences. To borrow from the rock band format but not religiously follow its template. To mix styles together. To find a unique voice that people will recognize while incorporating different stylings, phrasings and tones. To be electric and acoustic, natural and authentic.

Circus Of Wolves is a seven piece ensemble, based in New York’s mid Hudson Valley. For the past two years, the band has been coalescing around its current line up, writing, playing together, recording and finding its collective pulse.

Now Circus Of Wolves is ready to welcome you into its tent and share the energy.